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RO Vanguard

Vanguards wield battle tactics inherited from the founder of their school, the mythical Yellow Emperor. With their powerful techniques honed through dedicated and arduous training, the Vanguards are valiant protectors with their divine spears and shields. Vanguards are the foremost melee class in Revelation Online. They are resolute in the face of danger and boast an impressive array of defensive abilities.

With years of battle experience and dedicated training behind them, those worthy of the Vanguard mantle invariably develop great fortitude and the strength of giants. They are the bravest of all the classes.

On the battlefield or in the wilderness, a Vanguard relies on their extreme survival abilities and control skills to give teammates opportunities to attack, defend a foothold or endure damage. Combat Style: Melee physical combat. A wall of steel, an unstoppable warrior. Difficulty: Vanguard battle tactics and combat rotations are intuitive and easy to learn.

Class Advantages: A battle-hardened powerhouse that leads the charge against the mightiest foes and can easily endure long battles.

Class Disadvantages: Vanguards lack stable attack abilities, so they are not as effective in day-to-day questing as other classes.

Team Position: A formidable tank, protected by an enormous shield, the Vanguard leads the charge and protects teammates.

Total Rating: Solo Duel ★★★★, Team Co-op ★★★★★, Leveling Speed ★★★, Difficulty ★★