Hello there!

I would just like to welcome all newcomers to this wiki! Feel free to ask me or the admins  of this wiki any questions or suggestions that you might have! I may not be as active on school days but I will check in once in a while. And I expect major editing from you guys when I come back! >:)

To start off, I'll tell you a few things about this wiki:

Templates: I take templates off of the Templates Wiki. If you see any templates from there which you would like to use, please contact me. Don't worry, I don't bite!

New looks: If you suggest a new look for this wiki (e.g article on classes) please make a page in which you demonstrate what you want it to look. Create a page called User:(your username)//TestingPage. (For me, it would be User:CandyWand//TestingPage)

New Media: Add in any pictures from the game Revelation Online. Just make sure to put in the correct licensing!

Ask me any questions below! Just... not anything private haha