Tuesday Guild Contribution Event Edit

A guild need resources to grow and level up.

Lumbers can be easily gotten from quests inside the guild and and crystals can be gotten from doing merchant run quests.

but the hardest resource is actually collecting these so called "star iron" rocks. They are also a key part of any guild's success.

One of the main way of acquiring these "star iron" rocks is from the Tuesday event


You may access this even via the shortcut key O

On tuesday i believe it's on the PVP (4th tab)

You can tell from reward, the reward for paticipating is "star iron" rocks

How the PVP event worksEdit

  • Min require level to enter is lv. 40
  • Event time is : Tuesday 20:00-21:00 China time (that's 5am PST 8am EST for U.S. Players)
  • Everyone who enter this will be lv 70
  • There are 4 bosses with in the map
  • There are also 4 spawn locations and 4 pillars Guilds can take over

For big guilds that can bring quiet a few people, their objective would be to secure one of the pillars and kill bosses.

for each min they hold a pillar. their guild gain some contribution toward "star iron" rocks and at the end of the hour. those are also converted to guild contribution points for every member that participated in the event.

(not too sure if that's how it works since I only went in once vs the whole map...)

Basically If we don't have that many people that shows up. it's best to just party up with whoever that showed up within your guild, and do the quests from the NPCs.they give you a quest thats 10/10 points to complete. You may click on "star iron" rocks to gather once for 1 pt, or kill anyone you see for 1 pt. I notice if you die, you also lose points that you gathered so far. and if you spawn . every big guilds they gather around the spawn points and aoe the spawn points. If you spawn just run out of the spawn points or you will be killed instantlly if not moving.

Not too sure how else it worked, but from my one time participation in it.

I gained 100 "star iron" rocks in a email from participating in it. I did 3 turn in of those 10/10 quests

(i'm not sure if this 100 is from my running around mining rocks or from the 3 turn in quests i did. i imaging it's from ming rocks i believe. still need to test that to be sure.)

so Imagine if 10 people that doesn't even do any of those pillar or boss event and just go around grinding those quests/killing people you would gain at least 1000 rocks.

Advices for players

  • Group up with your guild members and stay together
  • If anyone is trying to kill you, run away, especially if more than one is attacking you
  • best to avoid crowd areas and just go around the side areas for collect rocks for quests if it's just yourself
  • the more the merrier and top 50 guilds that participated will gain additional contribution points/chests in mails

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