Tower of Pain Challenge (Level 59) Edit

It’s a 5-man, 30 minutes limit dungeon where players need to climb the tower by defeating all the floor bosses.

Each unique boss grants a weekly reward. You can check which rewards you are eligible for at Fo Foxbush right outside of the dungeon.

Once the 30 minutes have passed, the players are allowed to kill the boss they are currently fighting.

Penalty Edit

Every time the party wipe, they must face a penalty, everyone will be teleported to another room with 3 Flame Lords and some Wolves. The party must kill everything in order to return to the Tower and climb it again (you can use the teleporter by talking to the NPC right next to the entrance on the first floor).

Bosses Edit

Elemental Brawler (1st Floor) Edit

Right after you start attacking the boss, there will be 1 wine jar on each side of the room, one is a HP buff for the boss and another one is ATTACK buff, break them if you want to kill boss faster.

This boss has similar appearance and mechanics of the boss from Oneiric Trials. the main attacks are:

  • Gliding (Followed by a low kick + strong meele attack): He will rush towards someone and do a low kick, knocking players and nearby players within 3 meters, followed by a strong meele attack that can kill dpsers
  • Box (same as Occultist): He will box someone into a box, making them unable to walk and will take reduced damage, but wont make them invulnerable, he often does one Energy Ball after locking someone into the box, make sure you use your CC Break skills to avoid it.
  • Energy Balls: He will shout something and will keep shooting energy balls at players, they do heavy damage, make sure to dodge them by side-stepping.
  • Ball Shower: He will jump to the sky and will do a full map ball shower, make sure you guys have a barrier (spawns after killing a tanuki (boss spawn 4 tanukis on the center), you can stack them together and get a stronger barrier.

Swift Ursid (2nd Floor) Edit

There is 4 practice totems in the middle of the room, use it to avoid his death punch mechanic every 20% HP (not sure, might be time wise aswell).

This boss has strong meeles attack and will knock you up several times, the only mechanics that needs to be evaded are:

  • Hurricanes: Boss will spawn hurricanes that will follow players, dealing damage overtime for those within it’s area, they are slow and easy to run off if u keep running.
  • Death Punch: 1 shot mechanic. Boss will lock someone into target, boss will draw a line below the target, Occultists can use Cunning Transference on the target to avoid a death, Blade Masters can use Adrenaline, Swordmages can freeze themselves, Assasins can use a cultivated(!) Disappear or you can stay behind one of the totems to avoid an unnecessary death. Watch the casting timer and use your skills at the right time.

White and Black Butterflies (3rd Floor) Edit

Similar to the Trial of the Four Kings butterflies, one is a mage and the other one is an assassin.

White Butterfly Edit

She will be sitting at the same place most of the time.

  • Butterflies: Five(?) butterflies will launch from her giving a stack to whoever is hit by the attack. All five butterflies can hit the same target making her dangerous to have close.
  • Green circle: Targets all players with a butterfly. Can easily be side stepped.
  • Heal: She will try to heal the black butterfly for 40%. Can be interrupted.
  • Ressurection: Resurrects the black butterfly. CANNOT BE INTERRUPTED (except by death).

It is a common tactic for the DPS's to take care of the white butterfly, and then switch to the black when she dies.

Black Butterfly Edit

She will be running around doing melee attacks (two normal strikes and a cleave that can be dodged), and casting Execution.

Once she hits 80% she will start casting abilities Blade Rush and Whirlwind.

  • Blade Rush: She will dash twice through players and then will draw an X with her swords and shoot it towards someone twice, can be dodged if moved away through the sides.
  • Execution (Red circle): She will jump up and do a high damage skill, targeting a player with a butterfly, can be easily dodged if players move.
  • Whirlwind: The boss will start spinning in a circle dealing heavy damage to anyone close by. She will follow the target with the highest emnity around.

It's common tactic that the tank focuses on the black butterfly while the DPS's takes care of the white butterfly.

Bloodhorn King (4th Floor) Edit

Last boss and the strongest one, can easily one shot people with his Hammer Swing skill and dashing skill. He has an companion by his side a butterfly), upon killing his companion, the boss will enter a enrage state, casting Enraged Explosion. He will also receive a 90% – 95% Damage Reduction (cannot remember the real %) buff while enraged.

  • Dashing: Boss will face someone and charge towards them, after that he will do a 30meter ground slam that knocks people out and do heavy damage, he will either do a single charge or 2 consecutive charges.
  • Hammer Swing: Boss will swing his hammer and deal alot of damage and knocking people down.
  • Hammer Swirl: Boss will swing his hammer and deal heavy damage and send anyone hit flying. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Pizza Slices Explosion: On 50% and onwards, the boss will cast a full map AoE dealing heavy damage for those that get hit, he will light up one floor at the time (floors resemble a pizza slice) clockwise, party needs to be on the last pizza and jump towards the one that already was lightened up as soon as possible (within 2 seconds).
  • Enraged Explosion: Upon entering the enrage stage the boss will go to the middle and cast this ability. Like the pizza strike, he will mark a area, but this is in a circle around himself. The circle will then go to the next "tier" exploding outwards, until the whole map has been covered. It is dodged by dashing towards the area that just exploded.

(A picture example of the two explosions would be great)

It is possible for the tank to trap the boss in the corner with the fallen blue pillar, so the boss can't dash properly, and instead runs in place, making it much easier for the DPS and healer. This tactic can however backfire. If the tank gets stuck, he will take the damage from the whole charge most likely one shooting him

Scarlet Serpent (5th Floor) Edit

Scarlet Serpent starts out invincible with 5 NPC's standing in front of her. Any player from the team will have to talk to her and pick between two options in a dialog. The first option (resistance) triggers a fight with the 5 NPC's before the boss, and is also used to trigger the hidden option, while the second option sends the NPC's away.

For the second option, the player who talked to Scarlet will also have to strip naked. This is done by pressing the use key on a pedestal just beside her. After this, the NPC's will get sent away one by one. When all the NPC's are gone, the stripped player can then talk to Scarlet again to start the fight. They will automatically get their gear back on when the fight starts.

  • Blade storm: The boss will make an animation where she sends out a blow kiss, and slaps herself, where after she will smack into the ground releasing spinning blades in 5 random directions. These blades will one-shot most squishies, and the tank if he's hit by multiple. Any melee character (including the tank) should move away from the boss as soon as she starts the kissing animation, to give them a chance of dodging the blades, as well as preventing the tank from being hit by multiple blades upon spawn.
  • Cleave: Boss will make a short swinging animation, and then release a high damage, short range AOE attack around herself (releasing a little pink cloud). Can be dodged by rolling away from her.
  • Charge: The boss chooses a random character not in melee range, and shortly after dashes towards them dealing heavy damage (Likely one-shooting squishes) if not dodged by sidestepping.
  • Snakes: (Need Information)
  • Clones: When the boss hits a 20% health mark (80/60/40/20%) she will summon a clone of herself. The clones have the Charge and Cleave attack of the main boss.

The clones have diffrent buffs that can be dispelled (by a gs's cultivated oblivon bomb/(Others?))

    • Clone 1 (80%): This clone also has damage reflect.
    • Clone 2 (60%): This clone will also copy the Blade Storm attack when the boss makes the attack. This means that the blades can potentially originate from two different spots, as well as there being 10 instead of 5 blades.
    • Clone 3 (40%): (Need Information)
    • Clone 4 (20%): (Need Information)

White Ape King (6th Floor) Edit

(Need information)

Keeper of the Sun (7th Floor) Edit

(Need information)

Activate Hidden Bosses Edit

Elemental Brawler Edit

Kill boss without destroying wine jars

Swift Ursid Edit

Kill boss without letting him destroy a totem with his Death Punch, meaning a person needs to take the hit.

Ways to avoid death from being hit:

  • Occultists: Cunning Transference
  • Blademasters: Adrenaline
  • Swordmages: Temporary Celestial Aegis
  • Assasins: Cultivated(!) Disappear

White and Black Butterflies Edit

Kill both butterflies at the same time (within 5 seconds). Preferably the white one first. 

(Not confirmed) There is a time limit to kill both at the same time (I believe it is around 5-7 minutes). If the party fail to meet the time limit, the boss won’t spawn regardless if the party kill them at the same time.

Bloodhorn King Edit

Kill boss while on enraged status. 

To enrage the boss kill the companion besides the boss.

During enrage, boss will have 90+% Damage Reduction Buff, strongly suggested to kill his companion when he is 0.3% HP and then DPS him down once he is enraged.

A DPS or a healer should tank the companion, while the tank takes care of the boss.

Scarlet Serpent Edit

When fighting her, you have to first fight the five people infront of her. You trigger this fight by choosing the Resistance option when talking to her.

White Ape King Edit

(Need information)

Keeper of the Sun Edit

(Need information)

Hidden Bosses Edit

Volopine Drunkard (Elemental Brawler) (1st Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

He is a drunk brawler that does not hit hard, during the fight he will spawn wine jars that gives the player that destroys it (last hit) a damage buff that can be stacked only 3 times, at 10%-20% he will spawn 2 big wine jars that will keep healing him overtime, destroy them as soon as possible.

Totemic Brawler (2nd Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

His attacks are similar to the normal boss, the only thing you should be careful about is his Rapid Punches. He lock a player and keep punching that area (cone area in front of him) several times, it does damage overtime but the damage are shared so make sure all party members stack into the skill range to lower the damage taken and avoid unnecessary deaths.

Silvermoon (3rd Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

This is where things start to get a little spicy, this boss difficulty is way higher than other bosses and there is mechanics and skills you should watch for:

Skills Edit

Butterfly Stacks Edit

The boss will send a butterfly towards someone every few seconds, it is target locked and you cannot avoid it, the player that got hit by it will receive a stack. To remove stacks, make sure to tank one of the blue orbs that she throws on the five orbs skill that will be discussed last.

Death Incantation Edit

Once the player has 5 butterfly stacks, the boss will most likely to cast a Death Incantation (Red Chinese Symbol) that cannot be evaded/cant break out of CC, the player will get damage overtime for a long period of time (around 10 seconds). It's possible for a high might healer to outheal the damage

It is sometimes possible to get out of it if you're mercurial when the spell is cast.

Dash Edit

The boss will dash towards someone twice, then will unleash 3 waves from his sword, you can avoid by dodging sideways or simply standing between them

Blue Chinese Symbol Incantation Edit

The boss will cast it every once in a while on someone that has at least 1 butterfly stacked, cannot be avoided/dodged. The player will be stuck in the middle of a circle that will explode after 6 seconds, 1 shotting him, players must use their CC Break Skill (Ex: Fox for SS, Wyrmweed for Vanguards, etc.)

Execution (3 slashes) Edit

Similar to the black butterfly, boss will jump in the air and do a 3slash skill towards someone, can be dodged by doing 2 sidesteps in a row. It does not hit that much and it should be giving the player +1 butterfly stack (at least that’s what the skill said). For some reason, it was not increasing the butterfly stacks on hit during CBT, it might get fixed for OBT.

Five Orbs Edit

The only “pacific” skill, boss will throw 5 orbs that will automatically explode once they travel 20 meters range. Each ball reduces the Butterfly Stacks by 2, players should “face-tank” / run towards them in order to avoid the Death Incantation.

HP Mechanics Edit

50% HP – First Incantation (Blue/Purple) Edit

At 50% HP the boss will move to the middle and cast a full map ability where the players will get hit overtime and eventually die. To avoid that, there will be a safe zone (5 meters radius circle) near the boss that will keep moving, players must keep the moving pace, use movement speed abilities/dashes if needed.

15% HP – Butterfly Summon Edit

At 15% HP the boss will spawn both butterflies (Black and White) again, the White will keep healing 1% of the boss HP and it should be killed as soon as possible, for the black one, she will be spinning at the same place, can be ignored but, afraid of the mechanic, we just burst her down (should not that much time).

You have 100% lifesteal while attacking the butteflies. This can be used to stay alive during the 7% hp incanation (see below), to outlast the damage.

7% HP – Second Incantation (Red) Edit

At 7% HP the boss will cast a full map ability where the players will get hit overtime and eventually die (similar to the first incantation). The only difference is that there is no safe zone/circle for players to not take damage, death is inevitable if the party does not burst the boss quickly, one of the counters is to have a Gunslinger in the party and use Comet Strike whenever she hits 7% HP to burst her down as soon as possible.

Another tactic is to outlast the incanation by lifestealing of the butterflies summoned at 15% hp.

Divine Bloodhorn King (4th Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

Boss’ Skills are identical to the first version of it, the only thing that changes is the HP based skills.

HP Mechanics Edit

For this boss I will separate the boss mechanics into 4 types:

  • Full Map (Type A): The boss will move towards the middle and will do a 3-step full map AoE, every triangle floor (pizza slices) will light up except for 3 (first time) then 2 (second time) and then only 1 at the end. Players should stay near the middle to avoid long map travels.
  • Full Map (Type B): The boss will light up circles instead of triangles that will periodically increase 5 times, it’s identical as the one when the first boss enrages after killing the small companion. Players must be quick and dashing fast towards the area that was exploded recently.
  • Full Map (Type C): The boss will light 1 triangle floor (pizza slice) at a time, starting to the triangle facing the entrance and making a full cycle clock-wise. Identical to the 50% mechanic of the non-version.
  • Full Map (Type D): The boss will make a type Full Map Type C, but will continue lighting up the triangles until it has made two full cycles.
100% Edit

Boss will do Full Map Type A.

80% Edit

Boss will do Full Map Type C.

60% Edit

Boss will do Full Map Type B.


Boss will do Full Map Type D.

20% and every 30 seconds thereafter. Edit

Boss will do Full Map Type A.

Scarlet Viper Princess (5th Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

(Need information)

Beastly Silverback Vassal (6th Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

(Need information)

Qamari (7th Floor) (Hidden Boss) Edit

(Need information)

Strategies Suggestion Edit

Players have only 3 times per week to complete it, my suggestion would be:

  • 1st run: Do first floor (both bosses) and second floor (both bosses). If possible, do 3rd floor bosses until you run out of time.
  • 2nd run: Clear 1st and 2nd floor as soon as possible and do both bosses on 3rd floor and, if possible, do both bosses on 4th floor.
  • 3rd run: Aim for score/finishing a floor that you could not clear on previous runs