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RO SpiritShaper

Armed with healing and psychic abilities, Spiritshapers can call upon spirit beasts and spiritual powers to initiate attacks. The longer they are in battle the more their enemy's stamina erodes away. Not only that, but they can also use the life of plants to heal and dramatically increase survival abilities for themselves and their teammates. It's a ranged class that has healing, damage and support all covered.

As the name suggests, Spirit Shapers have a mastery over the spiritual realm that allows them to save lives. They have a friendly look to them with delicate facial features and a manner that just makes one want to be close to them. The bells and orbs they carry have their own vitality and it's not uncommon to see butterflies following closely behind them. One must have a pure and kind heart to have an agreement and communicate with the plants and animals. Spirit Shapers use these agreements to save lives and purify the spirits of others. Behind their countless good deeds, lies a righteous heart. Just because they are about saving lives doesn't mean that Spirit Shapers will allow evil forces to pervade the realm. When peace and kindness are under fire, their life-saving abilities transform into powerful attacks which are then unleashed on any enemy of peace. The heart of a doctor and the benevolence of a god.

As the primary healer in the game, Spirit Shapers have a certain flexibility. Their decent damage skills and continuous healing abilities make them suitable to be developed as pure healers, human shields, support characters or similar paths. Pure healer Spirit Shapers can stand behind the battle in relatively safe zones and use their continuous skills to heal teammates. When a Spirit Shaper stands as a human shield, they can face down a mighty force without yielding. Damage skill Spirit Shapers can deal damage that is equal to a minor mage and is sure to be a nightmare for any enemy. Combat Style: Ranged magic spells deal damage and heal.

Difficulty: Has a host of continuous skills that are easy to wield.

Class Advantages: Easy to control, trains efficiently and has strong self-protection abilities. Their healing abilities can make themselves and their teammates all but invincible. They are a popular choice for teams.

Class Disadvantages: Have fewer damage skills than other classes and don't have many methods of attack.

Team Position: Can stand in the back row to heal and support their teammates.

Total Rating: Solo Duel ★★★★★, Team Co-op ★★★★★, Leveling Speed ★★★, Difficulty ★★★

Name Range/Radius Cooldown Type Description
Spirit Strike 25 0.5 Magic Instant Minor damage to enemy
  • Deals 35% of magic damage

+ 543-664 damage

Firefly 25 5 Magic Instant Firefly effect for 6 seconds
  • Deals 50.8% of magic attack

+ 727 damage every 2 seconds

Blue Bird 25 5 Magic Cast Damage in targeted area for 5 seconds
  • Deals 114.6% of magic attack

+ 1779-2174 damage

  • Reduces enemy movement speed by 5%
Spring Breeze 30 1 Recovery Instant Heals allies for 10 seconds, can stack up to 3 times
  • Restores 58.1% of healing power

+ 298-395 health

Green Vine 30 5 Recovery Instant Heals self and teammates
Falling Sakura 30 5 Recovery Cast Heals ally target
  • Restores 338.7% of healing power

+ 1742-2129 health

Revelation Online - Spiritshaper CGI Trailer04:38

Revelation Online - Spiritshaper CGI Trailer

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