Gold equipment refinement falls into two brackets, all equipment up to level 49 can be refined up to a maximum of +10, however, the equipment up to level 79 can be refined to a maximum of +16. Refinement of your gear will generally gain you one additional stat (HP, Attack, Armor or Defense) depending on which item slot it belongs and along with the class, it belongs to.

  • Armor & Necklace will increase your maximum HP
  • Main hand & Offhand weapons will increase either Magic or Physical Attack depending on the weapon
  • Earrings & Rings will increase your Physical or Magic Armor.

As you progress and upgrade to new equipment you will have the option to transfer your refinement levels to the new equipment. It's also worth noting that demonslayer crafts will also carry over your refinement levels.

At higher refinement levels, there is a chance that your transfer could fail, resulting in the loss of +1 refinement level. You will have the option to spend materials to repair this loss if a transfer does fail to take to your new equipment.


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