Powerful and dangerous creatures Inhabit the world of Nuanor. Some of them have left the mortal world, representing their former selves as spirits. In the Misty Hollow dungeon, you will join forces with Nuanor’s soldiers and exorcists to fight one of those spirits: The Spider Queen who is trying to escape the magic seal and your task is to stop her!


Once you enter the dungeon, you have to fight several waves of monsters. You must protect the magic seal and prevent the monsters from damaging it. Should the magic seal be destroyed (0% HP), you will fail the dungeon. To succeed, you need to defeat all 16 waves of monsters in trial mode (20 in normal mode) and defeat the last boss: The Spider Queen.

Difficulty Entries
Trial 5 man mode (Level 35) 1 per day
Normal 5 man mode (Level 45) 1 per day

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