Once you reach level 50 you can apply to be a merchant across major cities. The Merchant system is one of our many guild related functions. Once you become a trader you will purchase goods to be put on a cart and will have to sell these goods to another region.

Keep in mind the price of these goods varies across region and changes as well. Each region will have their own specialty goods for sale, and it is up to you which region of goods they want to buy and sell in. Higher level merchants will be able to load more goods into their cart. But remember to watch out as other players can attack your cart, so you may want to take backroads and longer routes to get to your destination to avoid being ambushed. Make sure you have some guild mates with you to protect you on your trade runs, or you could end up losing all of your goods in attacks from other players.  

All trades in this system are done in a separate currency (merchant coins). If you are part of a guild you can register to become a Merchant at your guild base.