Honor PointsEdit

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Honor Points

There are 3 types of Honor points you can acquire in game

These are the ways you can acquire them

Yellow Honor points Edit

First way:

Shop item

You pay purchase this item in cash shop and it will give 300-1000 points (avg around 400 pts)

Second way:

honor points

You will gain a weekly Yellow Honor points depending upon your own Exorcism level.

Third way:


3rd way honor points

Level 9 19 29 39 49 59 upon leveling up can claim yellow honor points in the reward center

Ways to use "Yellow Honor Points"Edit

There are various important items you may purchase with it. ie:

You can use to get enhancement stones for gears such as 1-4 stones, and 5-9 stones

You can also purchase the skill pages and 20 of them to trade in for a Tier 2 skill.

Black Honor PointsEdit

These points are mostly gear related and are helpful to anyone who haven't got great gears yet

Ways to get "Black Honor Points"

  • You can do the daily mentoring quests which give a little bit of these honor points
  • the best and most efficient way is to mentor someone through the earlier dungeons.

Each mob you kill inside those dungeon while in Mentor mode will gain these honor points.

as you can tell from the above pictures, items are mostly the items needed to level up your gear and for crafting your gold gears



Blue Honor PointsEdit

You do daily solo anyway to gain exp and honor points. these points are a great way to gaining exp books and gears.

There is only 1 way to acquire these points:

  • Doing your daily solo dungeon

As you can tell from the above pic, it requires exorcism points and also these points to purchase tier 2 purple skills

Notice the 20,206 that's the Blue Honor Points in this photo


You may also purchase these purple tiered gears, and they will be helpful to you until you start crafting your golden gears.

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