How To Create A Guild

To create a guild, you would have to meet the following conditions:

  • Player's rating level is ≥30
  • Player has 150,000 cloud coupons
  • Player is currently not in a guild

After meeting the condition, go to the city of Sulan and look for the guild NPC who is inside of a house.

To create a guild, it would cost you 150,000 cloud coupons.

Application steps:

After finding the NPC, select "Create Guild" in the pop-up page and enter the name of the gang (2-8 characters) and the Society Declaration (optional). Set the guild battle flag shirt. Then click the "Create" button.

You need to have at least ten players in your guild within 72 hours in order to complete the official activation.

If you cannot recruit at least ten players, the guild would disband.
Guild contribution 02

How To Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to your guild. You can either donate gold/items or do daily guild quests (ppl under lvl 40 should do the basic daily quests at the guild island; e.g. wood-work) to add exp-points for your guild lvl. You have to be at least lvl 30 to be able to do guild quests.

  • Press G to access guild-menu
Item Name Location Usage
G item 01
Converse Notes Quest, Dungeon Donate through Guild Menu
G item 02
Magic Crystal Quest Donate through Guild Menu
G item 03
Citizen Book Quest Donate through Guild Menu
G item 04
Citizen Paper Quest Convert 10 into Citizen Book
G item 05
Lost Paper Quest Convert 10 to Lost Book

Guild Island

  • Map View 2
  • Map View 1

In Revelation Online your guild owns an island which is instanced, so you are not able to fly there. To get there you need to talk to an NPC.

  • Press M to open the map and go to the guild NPC
  • Press F to talk to the guild NPC and press 3 to enter the guild island
Guild npcs 01

Guild NPC

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