You unlock Craft Book at level 15.

Craft Book is opened by pressing "V" (default).

Any kind of crafting consumes Diligence and Inspiration

On the first page you can see your Crafting Skill levels (red square) and your Curiosity and Experience (green square).
Please edit if you know what the Curiosity does.

Here I assume the translations are wrong and try to simplify it a bit :)

Book ("Chapter One")= Red square.
Chapter = Green square.
Page = Yellow square.
The header tells you how many books you have unlocked (in this example 3).

You can unlock next book by increasing your Social Level and Increasing your Crafting Skill level.

Unlocking new Chapters and pages costs Experience points.


This tab tells you what level you need to collect a certain item.

To see an item here you must first learn about them in the learning tab.

Hovering over an item will tell you where you can find it and what resources it will drop.



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