Lock-On Target Edit

Revelation Online - Lock-On Target00:09

Revelation Online - Lock-On Target

A familiar system that lets you select a target and lock on it. Use your keyboard to control your characters movements and control the camera with your mouse. Locking guarantees your spells will land.

Click-To-Move Edit

Revelation Online - Click-To-Move00:09

Revelation Online - Click-To-Move

A blast from the past! Click on where you want to go and simply click and lock on your target to land attacks and spells.

Free Aiming Edit

Revelation Online - Free Aiming (Non-targeted System)00:10

Revelation Online - Free Aiming (Non-targeted System)

An active system which allows the maximum freedom! Use you keyboard to control your characters movements and you are free to aim at any target with the directions of your mouse.

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