In Revelation Online any item of a hero's battle gear can be awakened: stats gradually grow when the character wearing the gear kills monsters. There are 16 item awakening levels. Random extra stats appear at levels 5, 9 and 13. The color the stat is highlighted in corresponds to the strength of the bonus they provide (from lowest to highest - green, blue, violet and gold). In contrast to sharpening, awakening occurs automatically. By collecting special resources, you can activate up to three extra stats for the awakened item of gear. You can unlock a fourth stat for a separate fee from a special NPC.

There are a maximum of four awakenings per piece of equipment which provide different enhancements per awakening along with the enhancements stacking. All of the awakenings provide the enhancements to all of your stats on your equipment.

  • First Awakening: 6% bonus (all stats) (Total: 6%)
  • Second Awakening: 6% bonus (all stats) (Total: 12%)
  • Third Awakening: 4% bonus (all stats) (Total: 16%)
  • Fourth Awakening: 4% bonus (all stats) (Total: 20%)

For each piece of equipment you will need to acquire experience from slaying monsters and the best place to do this is taking part in Scour Dungeons.

Once your equipment reaches 100% you will receive a notification in the middle of your screen which appears as a yellow square with a helmet inside of it. When you have selected the helmet icon, a window will pop open with the piece of gear already inserted inside of it that is ready to be awakened. Other than experience, you will require a specific amount of Hematites. In the cases where you missed the notification informing you that you have equipment ready for awakening, you can manually open the menu in the General Skills (Default hotkey: “N”) and clicking on the hammer icon in the second row.

You will have the ability to unlock your 4th tier on the Equipment Activator NPC, which are found in Sidus Ur (1618,1330,120) and in Sulan (5484, -1506, 15). Your equipment must be already fully awakened at Tier 3 and be at 100%. You will also need to bring with you Tier Beads in order to unlock it. Depending on the level of your equipment it will need varying quantities of Tier Beads:

  • Level 40-49: 34 Tier Beads per item (408 in total)
  • Level 50-59: 100 Tier Beads per item (1200 in total)
  • Level 60-69: 400 Tier Beads per item (4800 in total)
  • Level 70-79: 650 Tier Beads per item (7800 in total)

    Bead Pouches

You are able to purchase Tier beads in several different ways the quickest being either visiting Cita Ceres located by the Sulan Bridge (5478,-1980,9) with the use of Curious Beads or purchasing them out of the cash shop for Aurum.

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